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Saturday Morning Fun…Teachers Who Got the Last Laugh

Buzz Feed has some great pictures of teachers doing what all teachers should: enjoying their job! Here are some of my favorites:

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May’s Top Posts

May was more about selling our house and finding a new house in Wheaton than it was about blogging. But we still managed to get at least a few posts out there. And these are the ones that you liked the most. Enjoy.

A Prayer for Sunday (Alcuin of York)

alcuin of york st. alcuinOne of the leading lights of the Church in the early Middle Ages was the poet, writer, and theologian Alcuin of York. He is usually considered one of the Church’s brightest minds, the leading scholar at Charlemagne’s court, and one of the most influential figures in the Carolingian renaissance.

Alcuin of York died on May 18, 804. So in honor of his life and ministry, today’s prayer comes from him.

Eternal Light shine into our hearts;

eternal Goodness deliver us from evil;
eternal Power be our support;
eternal Wisdom scatter the darkness of our ignorance:
eternal Pity have mercy on us:
that with all our heart and mind and soul and strength we may seek your face,
And so be brought by your infinite mercy into your holy presence;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


The Sex Lives of Unmarried Evangelicals (infographic)

Yet another reason to read statistics cautiously and skeptically.

premarital sex evangelicalism

via Christianity Today

Flotsam and jetsam (5/1)

creative panhandling

Good Reads

  • What Percentage of Philosophers Believe in God? What percentage of philosophers are theists? How many of them believe in free will? More importantly: how many of them think zombies are actually possible? Finally, a study has provided an answer to all these questions, and more.
  • The Power of “I Don’t Know”: To admit to ignorance, uncertainty or ambivalence is to cede your place on the masthead, your slot on the program, and allow all the coveted eyeballs to turn instead to the next hack who’s more than happy to sell them all the answers.
  • Why Bad Writing is Almost Always Mistaken for Good Writing: Bad writing is naturally mistaken for good writing. That’s because unlike good writing, bad writing hoards attention. Bad writing brags of the writer’s knowledge, skill, and creativity. Bad writers mistake obtuseness for creativity, and essential clarity for “profundity”.
  • What Physics Can and Can’t Say About God:  It can lead us to a conception of how the universe potentially came into being, but it’s never going to say anything about what is important to most Christians about their faith and about their relationship with God, which is they want to know about how at the end of time they will, as it were, be united with God as a thinking, emoting, moral being. On that subject physics really cannot offer us any insight.

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Flotsam and jetsam (4/10)

Good Reads

  • Why Playing Outdoors Makes Children Smarter: It is through unstructured, open-ended creative play that children learn the ways of the world. While playing outside, children explore with all their senses, they witness new life, they create imaginary worlds and they negotiate with each other to create a playful environment.
  • Snap Judgments: Our Societal Obsession With Taking Pictures: The danger of using photos as markers is that images appeal to our vanity. We become quickly obsessed with accumulating experiences, capturing them in photos, and publicly displaying our photos as trophies. If we aren’t careful, our Facebook pages and blogs can become trophy cases of our own accomplishments.
  • Why Mentoring Matters: To be clear, I am not opposed to programs. Well-designed and well-implemented programs can be an effective step in disciplemaking.  My concern is that programmatic discipleship built solely around small groups and directed studies misses the most obvious New Testament means of disciplemaking: one-to-one mentoring.

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March’s Top Posts

These were our top five posts for the month of March. I’ve decided to include only one post from The Big Bible Bash tournament. Otherwise, they would have comprised almost the whole list. Instead, we have an infograpic, the tournament announcement, and several posts related to seminary and/or the Th.M. program. All in all, it was an interesting month.

Saturday Morning Fun…60 Second Adventures in Thought

Check out these great 60-second introductions to classic intellectual puzzles/questions like Zeno’s Paradox, Schrödinger’s Cat, and Hilbert’s Infinite Hotel.

The Big Bible Bash: Round of 16

Sixteen more books have fallen in The Big Bible Bash. And only sixteen remain. Two of our 2-seeds are out, and one of the Gospels has now been eliminated. The tournament has begun to favor NT books, with only 6 OT books remaining. But that includes heavy hitters like Genesis, Isaiah, and Psalms. So this round of voting should prove very interesting. (Update: Voting is now closed.)

The Upsets

All of the number 1 seeds cruised to relatively easy victories in the Round of 32, winning with an average of 90.5% of the vote in their races. But it was a tough day for the 2-seeds. (2) Mark fell to ( 7) Philippians (41.3% vs. 58.7%); and (2) Proverbs fell to (7) Revelation (32.6% to 67.4%). Even (2) Matthew struggled for a while against (7) Exodus, before winning with 61.6%.

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The Big Bible Bash: Round of 32

The first round of voting is over, so we’re on to the Round of 32 in The Big Bible Bash. And, as expected, the first round favored the top seeds. Indeed, somewhat surprisingly, the higher seeds won every single contest. Even the close races between the 8 and 9 seeds ended up in a victory for the 8 seeds.

As you may know, we’re giving away almost $500 worth of commentaries and other great books from Zondervan, IVP, Baker, Eerdmans, and Crossway. All you have to do to participate in the giveaway is cast your vote for your favorite books of the Bible. If you  missed out on the earlier rounds, no worries. You can still vote in the later rounds and be eligible for the giveaway. So cast your vote now! (Update: Voting is now closed.)

Tournament Highlights

Although it’s time to put the first round behind us, we can take a few moments to reflect on the most interesting developments from the first round. Here’s the updated tournament bracket. But, if you’re just interested in the highlights, here you go!

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