Flotsam and jetsam (3/14)


Good Reads

  • The 7 Commandments for Choosing a Church: After several moves, and several not-so-good choices over the past few years, I found our most recent church choice to be different – and much better.  My hope is that anyone who is facing the decision of which church to join will find help and encouragement.  So here are 7 commandments for choosing a church. (Transformed)
  • Letter Grades Deserve an ‘F’: Letter grades are a tradition in our educational system, and we accept them as fair and objective measures of academic success. However, if the purpose of academic grading is to communicate accurate and specific information about learning, letter, or points-based grades, are a woefully blunt and inadequate instrument. (The Atlantic)

Other Info

Just for Fun

  • Can gibberish be a verb? If so, this woman gibberishes exceptionally well.




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