10 Reasons People Prefer Paper Books Over Ebooks

I have to admit that although I read digital books regularly, I still prefer paper over digital and will almost always buy the paper version of a book if the price is comparable. And apparently I’m not alone. Although a new survey from the Pew Research Center shows that E-reading continues to grow in popularity, it also shows that most Americans still prefer paper over digital. And according to this infographic from The Digital Reader, here are ten reasons why.

why choose a paper book




  1. Paul Washburn says

    Years ago, I read in a novel of a possible future, where books were put on digital readers to “save space”, while the original intent was to change the actual text to the preferred propaganda of the time. Entire sections of books were removed, much like present day “copies” of the movie ‘Holiday Inn’, where most of the skit about Lincoln’s Birthday was removed, due to current-day issues of racism.
    Obviously, I am a preferred reader of print on paper.

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