The High Cost of Multitasking (infographic)

This is geared for the business world, but it has clear implications for students as well. Multitasking in class (e.g. texting, Facebook) may seem like a great way to maximize your time, but notice the bit about how multitasking actually lowers your IQ. I could be wrong, but sacrificing IQ in the middle of a class seems like a bad idea.


via Christianity Today




  1. George Vankirk says

    This is me! This is where I work, in a project office where people pride themselves in multitasking. I can’t wait to let folks know that according to your post, there is a link between attending to multiple tasks throughout the day and IQ (at least 15 points – where the average is 100, we’re in dangerous territory!). No wonder then that we all look like we’ve been smoking weed all day.


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