There Were No “Dark Ages”

eclipse (300x300)I have written before about why we need to eliminate the idea of a “Golden Age” of Christianity, a time when the church was nearly perfect, an era that we just need to imitate if we want to create healthier churches today. And, after a few minutes reflection, most people accept that every generation had its flaws and foibles. We learn from them not because they were perfect but because they walked before us and modeled how to live faithfully in the midst of a horribly broken world.

But many still want to hold on to the Golden Age’s evil twin brother: the Dark Age, an age where the church was so fallen and its understanding of the truth so twisted that we have virtually nothing to learn from those who lived through those dismal days. An age when the lights went out, leaving only darkness.

For most Protestants, the Dark Age was not just a particular generation, or even an entire century. No, we have our sights on something bigger, blacker, and more tragic: the wasteland of medieval Christianity. A thousand years lost in the dark void between the bright lights of the early church and the Reformation.

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    Great reading your new article. Seeing the title alone caused a small “amen” to arise in my mind. I received a similar conviction after reading the book The Genesis of Science by James Hannam a few years back. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must read on he subject.

    My wife is a Wheaton grad many years ago and is being featured in the next Wheaton Alumni Magazine.

    Any advice about cracking the editors at You managed, justifiably.

    Thanks for the morning rush.

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      Hey, glad you enjoyed! And although I’ve heard good things about The Genesis of Science, I haven’t read it myself yet. I’ll have to do that soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any great insights on how to get in with They approached me a while back about writing an occasional article, so I didn’t do anything in particular to get on their radar (that I’m aware of anyway!).

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