Flotsam and jetsam (9/4)

Think my wife will let me get one for the kitchen?

Think my wife will let me get one for the kitchen?

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  • Eight Areas Where Many Ministers Are Unprepared for Ministry: My email inbox is full of tragic examples. They entered into vocational ministry with hope and healthy idealism. They had been prepared well in the study of the Bible, theology, Church history, and other classical disciplines. They were bright, eager, and ready to change the world in God’s power. And they failed. (Thom Rainer)
  • Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are: So much of this is about out-doing each other. To say that “I’m busier than you are” means I’m more important, or that my time is more valuable, or that I am “winning” at some never-finished rat race to Inbox Zero…..What you’re trying to say with these responses is: I’m busier, more in-demand, more successful. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Recovering Confession: I don’t hear much talk about confession these days. There was a time when any good book on Christian piety dealt with it. Confession used to occupy an important place in the liturgy of corporate worship. But outside of a general admission that we are sinners, or the specific confession of the one “big sin” in our life, confession seems to have become something largely forgotten. (Joe Thorn)

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