That We Should be Called Children of God!

“Consider who we were, and who we are now; nay, and what we feel ourselves to be even when divine grace is powerful in us. And yet, beloved we are called “the sons of God‘. It is said that when one of the learned heathens was translating this, he stopped and said, ‘No; it cannot be; let it be written ‘Subjects’, not ‘Sons’, for it is impossible we should be called ‘the sons of God’.” What a high relationship is that of a son to his father! What privileges a son has from his father! What liberties a son may take with his father! and oh! what obedience the son owes to his father, and what love the father feels towards the son! But all that, and more than that, we now have through Christ. ‘Behold!’ ye angels! stop, ye seraphs! here is a thing more wonderful than heaven with its walls of jasper.”

~Charles Haddon Spurgeon in “Exposition of 1 John 3:1-10,” The Spurgeon Archive, (quoted in Ron Highfield, God, Freedom, and Human Dignity, p. 159)



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