Flotsam and jetsam (8/12)

time travel

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  • Fasting in an Age of Fast Food: Not only can this teaching be neglected and unknown, but it can also be shunned as somehow leading to legalism; the rationale being that it’s an “Old Testament” doctrine. What I want to explain here is not only that this is a biblical teaching and practice, but one that is so relevant in our time.
  • Why the Trinity can’t tell us about gender: Once we commit to the task of finding triunity in human relations, we enter a zone of free theological construction that lacks specificity, guidelines, and doctrinal seriousness. And we are very likely to bring to this task the resources at hand, the things that we already are most committed to and passionate about.
  • Commentary: The Frightening—But Biblical—Moral Logic of ‘Breaking Bad’: , the show runs on a frightening moral logic: No one gets away with anything. Breaking Bad revolves around the least fashionable concept imaginable: wrath. It offers something quite different from the fatalism of The Wire, where things start off ugly and pretty much stay that way. In Breaking Bad, things get steadily worse.

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Just for Fun

  • Check out people saying the longest words in various languages. All I can say is that some of these aren’t words, they’re paragraphs!





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