Flotsam and jetsam (7/22)


Good Reads

  • Young Evangelicals Are Getting High: The kids who leave evangelical Protestantism are looking for something the world can’t give them. The world can give them hotter jeans, better coffee, bands, speakers, and book clubs than a congregation can. What it can’t give them is theology; membership in a group that transcends time, place and race; a historic rootedness; something greater than themselves; ordained men who will be spiritual leaders and not merely listeners and buddies and story-tellers.
  • Why Do We Keep Saying Boys Are Easier? Our seemingly lighthearted comments about the “ease” of sons and the “difficulty” of daughters, though, are steeped in a troubling worldview.
  • The Wyatt Earp Myth: Earp’s story is thus fundamental to American culture—but it is not the story with which we are familiar. It is not about the redemptive power of violence, but the redemptive power of the media.

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Just for Fun

  • What do you do when an elderly woman walks into a music store and rocks an awesome drum solo? Just sit back and enjoy.




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