Flotsam and jetsam (6/17)

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  • Do You Need a PhD to Understand the Bible? When I say you need a PhD, I don’t necessarily mean that you yourself need to earn a PhD, much less several. But you will need multiple people with PhDs involved in the process.
  • Why Reconciliation Needs Justice: Therein lies the problem: so many of us want a reconciliation that looks like a happy-go-lucky Kinkade painting. We want a reconciliation that is tidy, cheery, uncomplicated and unrealistically bright. We want oppressed people to forgive us for a history of wrongs but we don’t want to pay for that forgiveness….In short, many of us want reconciliation without justice, much like we want the resurrection without the crucifixion.
  • Why Emailing Gives You A (False) Sense of Progress: Why do we fritter away our days responding to email, and then kick ourselves for not working on our most important creative projects? It turns out that there are actually some pretty good reasons. Number one among them is that responding to email gives us a sense of progress.

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