6 Things to Avoid in Your Baptism Testimony

Don’t you hate people who only want to talk about themselves? You know the type. They’re fascinated by themselves: their talents, their achievements, and precisely how incredible they are. Change the subject as many times as you want, and somehow it always come back to them.

Boring isn’t it?

We hate having to listen to people talk about themselves all the time. It gets in the way of talking about more important things. Like us.

boring boredom bored tedious

There’s a shadow of Narcissus in each of us. You may know the story of Narcissus. He’s the guy who was so handsome that when he glimpsed his own reflection in a smooth pond, he couldn’t take his eyes off himself. So he remained by the still water, gazing at himself until he died. Completely self-absorbed.

As much as we hate to admit it, we’re all a little like Narcissus. We’re fascinated  by ourselves, focused on our own needs, desires, and problems. And there’s one place where I think that often comes across loud and clear: baptisms.

I love baptisms. Not only is the rite of baptism itself a powerful and important part of the Gospel story, but many baptismal services provide an opportunity for people to share their “baptism testimony,” their story of how they came to understand the Gospel and what that means. And I’m fascinated by what people say. Or, more importantly, I’m fascinated by what people don’t say.

After a bit of a hiatus, I am again writing articles for Christianity.com. And this is the beginning of my most recent article for them. So, if you want to read the rest, head over there and check it out.




  1. Paul Washburn says

    Marc, welcome back!

    Recently I was reminded by one of my radio teachers that the Bible is completely up front with its testimonies. King David sinned, but still found favor in God’s heart. So did Moses. An apostle named Peter was pretty scary too. Yet God used all to His glory, and we are still learning from their examples today.

    If we were to write our story, most likely we would leave a lot of the bad stuff out. But that is not the way God chooses to show us the way. Perhaps then, when we give our testimonies, our example is well precedented. Do we dwell too much on the ways of our “old man”? I find that sometimes I do. What bothers me the most is when I seem to have such fun remembering the old ways during the old days. When I take a moment to reflect on what I said, I am ashamed. My former self should be seen in shadow, bringing a bad-taste-in-my-mouth reaction. King Jesus should always be lifted up, in all of His glory!

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