The Digital World of Teens (infographic)

Here’s an interesting infographic summarizing stats on how teenagers use and perceive social media. Among the more interesting stats:

  • 21% say that they wish their parents spent less time on their cell phones and other devices. 
  • 43% wish they could unplug sometimes. That makes me think we need to do a better job helping them see that they can.
  • 88% of teens using social media say that they have witnessed people being mean or cruel on social networking sites. That means the other 12% just aren’t paying attention.
  • I love survey stats. Apparently 55% of teens ignore that kind of cruelty, but 86% sought advice from their parents about it. That means a fairly large number of teens managed to ignore the cruelty and get advice about it at the same time. Impressive.

HT David Murray




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