Digital Stress and Your Brain

It won’t be news to any of us that technology plays an increasingly important role in our everyday lives as we consume more information from more sources than ever before. This infographic wants us to consider some of the possible negative ramifications that can come from this kind of constant digital downloading.

Among some of the more interesting statements:

  • The average computer user switches programs 36 times an hour, which means we change tasks more than once every two minutes. (Wow, I know multitasking is common. But how do we get anything done?)
  • People with access to email changed windows more than twice as often and experienced higher heart rates while working.
  • After being cut off from email, it took five days for people to experience normal heart rates.
The infographic concludes with some of the common worries about how all this multitasking might be rewiring our brains, and some suggestions for living a healthier digital life in this multitasking world.

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  1. Jemima August 28, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    So glad to see this issue raised — there’s a clear link between information overload (which the net tends to facilitate) and stress. You might also enjoy “Through Glass, Darkly” ( which looks at the related issue of what digital culture can imply for personhood.


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