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  • Resist the Urge to Do Cutting Edge Youth Ministry: In a valuable manner, youth ministry people seek to keep a watchful eye on the most efficacious means by which to reach teenagers. It is part of what makes the field exciting and dynamic. At the same time, youth ministry can dedicate exorbitant amounts of attention to finding a magic bullet in our methodology.
  • The Biblical Case for Immigration Reform: The key to this conversation is not to begin with the legal issue….You need to get there. You don’t start there. You start with these immigrants as people.”

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  1. PGR says

    “Are Millennials More Self-Sacrificing and Community-Minded Than Previous Generations?”

    This was interesting: “Millennials did show increased levels of community volunteering. However, Twenge explains that this most likely resulted from high schools being much more likely to encourage community volunteerism through school-organized programs. Only 9% of schools did so in 1984, while 46% did in 1999.”

    And who teaches in and runs those high schools with school organized volunteer programs now? That’s right – members of the “worst generation” – Gen X. :-)

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