Flotsam & Jetsam (1/18)

Sounds like fun.

Good Reads

  • Theology and Doxology: Theology that doesn’t make us sing has failed in its mission, no matter how correct it may be. Worship that doesn’t take us deeper into Christ has also failed, no matter how glorious the music or how applicable the sermon.
  • Church Tribalization: The staggering amount of choice and customization we encounter in daily life allows us to construct a reality that can be quite different from the realities of our neighbors. And when that combines with the ability to surround ourselves, whether virtually or in reality, with others who think and believe just as we do, we form our own tribes that, naturally, view the others with contempt and suspicion.
  • 10 Things I Guarantee You’ll Never Say: I love to drink mediocre coffee. No you don’t. Nobody does. Which is why when I have people over to my house, I serve the best stuff that I’ve got. Or I go get my hands on the best stuff I can find. All coffee is not created equal.

Other Info

 Just for Fun   

  • The Truth about Morgan Freeman.



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