A Prayer for Sunday (John Wycliffe)

wycliffe, bible translators, lollards, lollardy, reformersFamous for translating the Bible into vernacular English, and thus becoming almost the patron saint of Protestant Bible translators, John Wycliffe was a philosopher, theologian, and lay preacher in 14th century England. A notable critic of the church in his day, along with his followers the Lollards, Wycliffe is often viewed as one of the harbingers of the Protestant Reformation.

Wycliffe died on December 31, 1384. In his memory, this Sunday’s prayer comes from him.

Lord, give me grace to hold righteousness in all things
that I may lead a clean and blessed life and prudently flee evil
and that I may understand the treacherous and deceitful falseness of the devil.

Make me mild, peaceable, courteous, and temperate.
And make me steadfast and strong.

Also, Lord, give Thou to me that I be quiet in words
and that I speak what is appropriate.





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