My Favorite Posts of 2012

Every December I post a list of the most popular posts on the blog for the past year. (Here is the list for 2012.) But every time I do that, I notice that some of my personal favorites aren’t on the list.  So here’s my follow up list of posts from the last year that I particularly enjoyed for some reason.

Before I jump into the list itself, I should note that two of my personal favorites were also on the most popular list: Image of God at the Kitchen Table and The Hardest Question in Theology. Since they’ve already had their turn in the spotlight, I’m not including them on this list.

 My 5 Favorite Posts from the Last Year

My Church Is Too Small

Sunday morning. I’d love to tell you that those words send a similar shiver of pleasure down my spine. But I’d be lying. If I do get a shiver, it’s more like the feeling you get when you suddenly remember that your in-laws are coming over for dinner. Not quite terror, but certainly not joy. More like resignation.


Mystery and Knowledge, Stranger and Lover

There’s something complex, wild, and mysterious about a human person, especially in their innermost depths, where the real treasures lie.  You don’t grasp that kind of knowledge, you receive it. To know a person is always a gift. An act of revelation.


Grading Came Alive, and I Died

grading, teaching, educationI was once alive apart from teaching, but when the end of the semester came, grading came alive and I died.

The very job that promised life proved to be death to me.

For grading, seizing an opportunity through the teaching, deceived me and through it killed me.


The Image of God Is a Story

Deep down, we just know that we’re storied people, that our history has meaning. It shapes us.

But, for some reason, we don’t connect this insight to understanding the image of God. And that’s tragic. Because the imago comes at the beginning of a story. And the only way to understand it fully is to hear the story.


Zombies Need the Gospel Too

Dead is dead. There is no mostly dead, sort of dead, or the “I’ll be better in the morning if you’ll please just hand me my head and that stapler over there” kind of dead. Dead people are just dead. Unless they’re zombies. Or mummies. But I like zombies. They dress better.




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