Flotsam and jetsam (12/24)

Good Reads

  • The Callous Theology of James Dobson: Some Christian conservatives seemingly cannot help themselves.  They have to try to find some deep theological explanation for the evil we witness in places like Newtown, Connecticut.  But often in doing so, they injure the very faith they seek to represent.
  • Does God Hate Westboro Baptist Church? Before Westboro Baptist Church shows up in Connecticut with signs that read “God hates you” – perhaps they should consider the possibility that God hates Westboro Baptist Church.  Before they go and preach for people to repent, perhaps they should practice what they preach.  Before they scream out to crowds of people to fear God’s coming judgment, perhaps they should fear God’s coming judgment.  Self righteousness is a powerful trap – and one that entraps many people.

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 Just for Fun   

  • Cat Bounce. The name says it all. And make sure you “make it rain” before you leave.




  1. Tim Webb says


    You’re a fan of the Doctor? I think I found you via Tim Challies, but I’m so following you now!!!

    Thanks for the laugh!

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