Flotsam and jetsam (12/21)

Good Reads

  • Did Jesus Have a Fallen Human Nature? We are not to imagine that Christ blissfully waltzed through life untrammeled by the suffering, sorrows, and pains of fallen human experience. The Gospels present Jesus as one who was hungry, tired, thirsty, grief-stricken, and even morally tempted and vulnerable to conflicting desires.
  • Why “Just Telling Your Story” Is NOT the Best Way to Share the Gospel: I understand why this method of what we used to call “witnessing” is popular. Well-meaning pastors realize that people are scared to tell people about Jesus, and they want to find an easy method that they can use to teach their congregation how to share their faith without actually having to ask them to do anything—at least anything hard. The problem with this method is that it doesn’t work—at all.
  • The Power of Church Programs?: for nearly two thousand years the chief activity of the church has not been programs but preaching. Somehow, in the last few decades, we have lost sight of the power of preaching and put our faith in programs, as though preaching is insufficient to bring about change.
  • Got a Ph.D. in Theology? Go Work for a Church: I’ve argued before that churches need more ministers who are deeply theologically trained–not so they can re-state the old theological positions so much as think creatively and contextually and help their congregations to do “local theology” together as they collectively respond to the impulses of the gospel in their lives. (Or, you could save some money and just do a Th.M. instead!)

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 Just for Fun   

  • Is it better to walk or run in the rain? The mystery solved.



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