The Mystery of the 3-Part Hobbit Solved!

Every since they announced that they would be stringing The Hobbit out over three feature-length films, I’ve been wondering how they were going to accomplish that remarkable feat. Now, thanks to The Onion, we finally have an inside look into how they managed to extend at least the first movie:

“According to early reviews, the highly anticipated new film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which opens in theaters Friday, features an extended 53-minute-long scene in which the protagonist, Bilbo Baggins, decides on what to pack for his trip to defeat the evil dragon Smaug.”

No wonder they were able to get three movies out of one book. And apparently it gets even better later in the movie where movie-goers are treated to

“a nine-minute interlude…in which Baggins, concerned about the possibility of having to attend a formal occasion during his journey, tries on a variety of outfits in the mirror.”

And that sets the movie up for the obvious sequel chronicling “Bilbo’s return to the Shire after he realizes he forgot his toiletries bag.”

You’ll have to read the whole article to get all of The Onion’s juiciest insights. But for now, the mystery of the 3-part Hobbit has been solved.



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