Flotsam and jetsam (10/26)

Good Reads

  • 12 Guidelines for Deciding When to Persist, When to Quit: When you’re getting something new going, the difference between success and failure is often a matter of time: how long you give it before you give up. Efforts that begin with high hopes inevitably hit a disappointing sag. It’s Kanter’s Law: “Everything can look like a failure in the middle.”
  • Why IQs Rise: Seen in this light, the Flynn effect does not reflect gains in general intelligence, it reflects a shift to more abstract thinking brought about by a changing social environment. We aren’t getting smarter; we are getting more modern.
  • When ‘Theology’ Gets in the Way: There is an urgent need of evangelistic effort, yet here we are spending precious time, emotions and energy ripping into other evangelicals over their different views on secondary issues. If we aren’t doing the ripping, then we spend time reading about it and commenting about it.
  • Some Guidelines for Voting in This Political Season: I have discovered a number of thoughtful voices who would argue that the church should steer clear of any political involvement, lest we be soiled by politics….We’re called to be an alternative community, resident aliens….The problem with this stance is that faith loses a certain integrity. The church becomes irrelevant as it takes itself out of the public square.

Other Info

 Just for Fun   

  • This doesn’t really count as being purely for fun. But it’s an interesting spoken word video produced by a fellow Oregonian that’s worth checking out.




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