A Prayer for Sunday (George MacDonald)

Scottish author, pastor, and poet¬†George MacDonald¬†died on September 18, 1905. In his life, MacDonald produced an amazing body of literature including fantasy novels, poems, and theological writings. But he is probably best known for his influence on people like C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkein, and G. K. Chesterton, all of whom cite MacDonald as someone who shaped their thought and writing in important ways. In honor of his passing, we’re using one of his poems for today’s prayer. Enjoy.

A Winter Prayer

Come through the gloom of clouded skies,
The slow dim rain and fog athwart;
Through east winds keen with wrong and lies
Come and lift up my hopeless heart.

Come through the sickness and the pain,
The sore unrest that tosses still;
Through aching dark that hides the gain
Come and arouse my fainting will.

Come through the prate of foolish words,
The science with no God behind;
Through all the pangs of untuned chords
Speak wisdom to my shaken mind.

Through all the fears that spirits bow
Of what hath been, or may befall,
Come down and talk with me, for thou
Canst tell me all about them all.

Hear, hear my sad lone heart entreat,
Heart of all joy, below, above!
Come near and let me kiss thy feet,
And name the names of those I love!



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