Another Lost Gospel Fragment (kind of)

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  1. Robert Stanich September 23, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    Love the humor. However, I wonder about the motivation of people who have perpetrated all these alleged modern additions to the Gospel. The following is a recent Blog post you might or might not agree with but please comment.

    The Head, not the Tail

    A friend told me of an incident that happened during the Korean war. His friend shot and killed an enemy soldier then took the red book out of his pocket. This book was the faith of the enemy. Our soldier was found (by our side) with the book in his pocket and jailed for five year for consorting with the enemy.

    It seems our enemies have always had a book. But are we loosing ours?

    The Church of Jesus Christ in the US has flat-lined at best, when it comes to bringing people into the Kingdom and into a mature relationship with Jesus. I’ve seen this come about over a period of forty years and ask the question why and what can I do about it.

    Furthermore, the Church is indirectly leading the nation into turmoil as the head and not the tail; just as it led our founding fathers into greatness. Our countries roots were based on one “Holy Bible,” not many. The direction of the church is the direction of the nation and the direction of the Church is not good.

    Leaders of the Church have varying opinions as to why this is happening, but until we grasp it, revival will elude us and reformation of our wonderful nation will not happen.
    This is my opinion and it’s a strong one. The main reason is because the words of the Word have been changing, some omitted and others added, and the leadership, in order to caudle, have accepted and even embraced it. The most maddening sentence I hear from the leadership of the Church is, “I like the way this version puts it,” without identifying if that version is the Word of God or not. It’s as though they are the arbiter of which words to use. Most often the ideas are sound but they use the wrong words to back them up scripturally. The Word is more than ideas, it is precept upon precept, that is word upon word. The Word is words, but which ones?

    We have all but lost faith in the words, which is faith in the Word, which is faith in Jesus on Earth. He is the Word of God and we treat Him as though He were a textbook that should be revised every year in order for the students to remain current. Those revisions get darker with time. Ostensibly they are for people, to make the Bible more readable; in reality they hold all people back, clouding the way, making it hard to lead into the light.

    I’m not a ‘one version only’ man; there are more authorized versions of the Bible than there are languages. The key word is ‘authorized,’ that is authorized by God so that every word in it is the word God wanted. He is the dictating editor saying, “You will use these words and make no changes. Instead, most leaders search for a Bible version that best corroborates their poorest theology, but makes them and other people feel good.

    I do say everybody should take one version and put faith in it. If your faith is in two versions it is weakened. If it is in many versions, you essentially have no faith in the Word on Earth. Unfortunately, that’s where most Christians are at. They have faith in Jesus in Heaven but not on Earth. Where is your faith? Is it the substance of things not seen. Your physical Bible should be the substance (seen) of Jesus ((not seen). He is it and it is He. Proverbs 30:5-6 Every word of God is pure; he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.

    Faith comes by hearing. Try having a group of people in a Bible study read a verse in unison from the Bible they brought. It will sound like a jumbled mess and that’s the hearing of our faith. This jumble didn’t come about overnight and it won’t be solved overnight. But we must solve it. No matter what programs we offer, no matter how fervently we pray, or how hard we work, we will not see revival until we get back to a God-edited, English versions of the Bible, and people put faith in it as Jesus, the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

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