It All Started with the Naked Mole Rat: A New Video for My Book

Here’s a short video describing my book Gospel for the Living Dead: A Fresh Take on the Gospel Story. It’s pretty low-tech: just me, a couch, and an artificial ficus tree. (Do real ficus trees even exist?) But I think it does the trick.

We’ll be sending the video to some publishers later this week. And I’d like it to look like the video is really popular. So if you could hit “play” twenty or thirty times, I’d really appreciate it. Or, if you have children, students, and/or friends who need to be punished, you could make them watch this repeatedly. Either way works for me.

Oh, and feel free to hit the “thumbs up” button on You Tube as well. I’ve made arrangements for you to receive a crown in heaven for every thumbs up you give me. I have connections.




  1. andy says

    Okay two things to get my thumbs up. You gotta stop dissing on the naked mole rat. They are the best thing ever with the big yellow teeth and the vogue hairless look. I got my mole rat fix again at the DC zoo the week before last. Second, ficus trees are real. I had one in college that I successfully killed through neglect (non-green thumbs run strong in my family). Hope your fishing for for publishers goes well.

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