Flotsam and jetsam (9/5)

Orcs Don't Care (HT 22 Words)

Good Reads

  • Trading the Good Word for Good Deeds: The churches join a growing number of conservative evangelical congregations in other states that have canceled Sunday services to perform charitable acts as a way to show they’re not only concerned with fighting gay marriage and abortion but also care about helping the needy and other social justice issues.
  • I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why: If you think an apostrophe was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, you will never work for me. If you think a semicolon is a regular colon with an identity crisis, I will not hire you. If you scatter commas into a sentence with all the discrimination of a shotgun, you might make it to the foyer before we politely escort you from the building.

Other Info

  • And another new study looks at How Much Money Do Megachurch Pastors Make? Apparently you make an extra $8,000 on average for every 1,000 additional people in attendance. $8 per person seems like a pretty good deal.

 Just for Fun   

  • The cast of Mad Men “performing” Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Definitely worth a couple of minutes.




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