What Americans Do on an Average Workday (infographic)

Americans during the work week spend an average of just under 8 minuts a day on “volunteering and religious activities.” Combined. Of course, that’s for all Americans. So that statistic includes quite a few people who don’t do such things at all, bringing the average down considerably. But it’s still revealing to see that Americans spend almost 3 hours a day¬†on leisure activities and less than 8 minutes volunteering.

It’s Labor Day today, so I thought this infographic was fitting. Check it out to see the statistics from the Bureau of Labor on what Americans do during a typical work week. And, if you’re curious about what we’re actually doing with our 3 ours of daily leisure, check out the second infographic below.

And, by the way, 48 minutes on grooming? Every day? And that’s just the average?

An Average American Workday

Our Three Hours of Leisure



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