The Church Is Our Best Hope against the Zombies

Being a zombie fan, I couldn’t pass on this article. Sadly, it’s not about the coming zombie apocalypse. But it is an interesting reflection on why zombies are popular today and what that has to do with the church. As the subtitle explains:

Zombies are an apt metaphor for those who feel the emptiness of consumerism. The church offers the promise of new life.

The article goes on to say,

Zombies unlike vampires, or even werewolves, have no glamour. Since George Romero’s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead, zombies in popular culture have been understood as the dead returned to life with an insatiable desire for human flesh. They are slow-moving, ugly, relentless and mindless. I have always been especially scared by them because, more than other monster, they represent our most unthinking and relentlessly hungry selves. They are interested in one thing only: consumption. And they can never be filled.

And that’s what makes them such a powerful metaphor for rampant, and ultimately unsatisfying, consumerism. And the article argues that the church is a powerful response to this cultural challenge:

Insofar as we are living in an age which seeks to zombify us and make us relentlessly hungry, the church…clearly offers the promise of new life and hope. For at the heart of the Christian hope is fullness of life….The very nature of the kingdom – which prioritises the poor and the vulnerable and invites us to be our true selves in Christ – is a work of resistance against the emptiness of rapacious consumerism. This is good news in its rawest form.

I think it’s going a bit far to say that resisting consumerism is part of the “very nature of the kingdom.” And I definitely wouldn’t say that this is “good news in its rawest form.” The essence of the gospel and the good news of the kingdom has something far greater in mind. But this is still a fascinating reflection on “zombie” as a metaphor for hunger, consumerism as an inherently flawed response to that basic emptiness, and the church as a community of hope bringing the message of life to the world. So go read the rest of the article and enjoy.




  1. Gillian says

    Hi- I’m loving the zombie photos you have on your blog. I’m organising a zombie walk in my city and would love to have your photos on my FB page and website. Is that possible?

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