Flotsam and jetsam (8/31)

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  • Hitting Pause in the City: It is a constant struggle to try to find God and peace of mind in a city of almost 3 million people.
  • The Option of Errancy: Debates about biblical inerrancy can often take a rather abstract quality. I have a lot of sympathy for those who struggle to understand why it matters whether the numbers in Numbers are completely accurate; after all, an awful lot of people who deny the Bible is inerrant nevertheless believe it is true, and authoritative, and even infallible, so what difference does it make if they think there might be the odd factual error in there?
  • Rakoff and Hitchens on Death, with Nothing Afterward: In their end-of-life writing, however, both men struggled with the same question of how to await death in a godless world. In doing so, they reinvented the way we write about death, which is no longer the province of sublime exaltations and solemn majesty. Gone are the ethereal martyrs dying with smiles on their faces as they meet God. Death, for blessed heretics like Rakoff and Hitchens, is neither graceful nor dignified.

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