A Prayer for Sunday (John Owen)

John Owen, famous English Puritan pastor, preacher, and theologian, died on August 24, 1683. Rising to fame during the English Civil War, Owen was a prominent noncomformist (i.e. a non-Anglican English minister).

Best known for his theological writings, Owen also wrote quite often on the Christian spiritual life and the nature of prayer. So, to commemorate his passing, this morning’s “prayer” comes from him, though it’s actually a comment on prayer rather than an actual prayer.

“The faithful soul, pouring out without ceasing those prayers which are supplied to us by God’s Spirit in gracious provision for our infirmities, enjoys communion with God Himself as he shares in the understandings of the things of the gospel. By practice in prayer, he increases daily in fellowship with his Lord while his soul within him testifies to the extent of its progress, while assurance of saving knowledge waxes stronger daily. Such a soul – such a gospel student – is gradually admitted in the secrets of God’s covenant, plighted to the saints in Christ Jesus, while all the time it is growing more and more into the image of Him who is our Head and is Lord of all.”

Biblical Theology: The History of Theology from Adam to Christ (Soli Deo Gloria, 2012), p. 702



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