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  • Why You Shouldn’t Build a House on Your Next Mission Trip: The solution is more about creating opportunities for the local communities to own these projects. The jobs, the education, and the responsibility are all essential elements to helping developing nations break the cycle of poverty. This doesn’t mean that we need to stop showing up, but it does mean that we need to rethink what we do when we get there.
  • Are We All Braggarts Now? Boasting isn’t just a problem on the Internet. In a society of unrelenting competition—where reality-show contestants duke it out for the approval of aging celebrities and pastors have publicists—is it any wonder we market ourselves relentlessly? (This one goes well with yesterday’s infographic on The Psychology of Social Networking.)
  • Get Fired in the Interview: If there’s a deal-breaker between you and the church, it’s better for that to come out in the interview stage than after they’ve already hired you. Lay all your cards out on the table, and let the chips fall where they may.

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  • We’re Nasa and We Know It!




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