A Prayer for Sunday (a Kenyan gospel liturgy)

I usually try to find a prayer from some historical figure to use for our Sunday prayers. But this Sunday, we’re doing something a little different. One of the students in my class this summer passed along a Kenyan liturgy that they use in his church. And I think it does a great job of quickly summarizing the biblical story as a way of keeping the gospel connected to God’s whole plan of redemption.

So this Sunday’s prayer is from Kenya.

It is right and our delight to give you thanks and praise, Holy Father, living God, supremeĀ over the world, Creator, Provider, Saviour and Giver.

From a wandering nomad you created your family; (Abraham)

for a burdened people you raised up a leader; (Moses)

for a confused nation you chose a king; (David)

for a rebellious crowd you sent your prophets.

In these last days you have sent us your Son, your perfect image, bringing your kingdom, revealing your will, dying, rising, reigning, remaking your people for yourself.

Through him you have poured out your Holy Spirit, filling us with light and life.




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