Flotsam and jetsam (8/1)

How to get your kids to do their chores.

Good Reads

  • Writing a Thesis Is Like Weaving on a Loom: Writing a thesis is like weaving on a loom. The balls of wool and other material available are the data gathered from the literature, the research and thinking about the topic. The finished material is the thesis. The mechanics of weaving the material are like the processes of putting the thesis together.
  • 5 Myths about Reformed Theology: Calvinists can be pains in the neck. I should know—I’ve been one myself on occasion. Yet, it is a terrific irony that a theology that so exalts God and lays human beings low before his majesty and grace should be championed sometimes with a spirit that contradicts it.
  • Jesus Existed: Contrary to some circles on the Internet, very few scholars doubt that Jesus existed, preached and led a movement. Scholars’ confidence has nothing to do with theology but much to do with historiographic common sense. What movement would make up a recent leader, executed by a Roman governor for treason, and then declare, “We’re his followers”? If they wanted to commit suicide, there were simpler ways to do it.

Other Info

 Just for Fun     

  • Check out The Internet Justice League, a fun cartoon showing what popular websites would look like as superheroes. Google Plus is definitely my favorite.




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