Flotsam and jetsam (7/6)

most accurate pie chart ever

Good Reads

  • Complementarianism for Dummies: I’ve read several posts on the internet lately from people who misunderstand and/or misrepresent the complementarian view.  I was at the meeting, 25 years ago, where the word “complementarian” was chosen.  So I think I have a good grasp on the word’s definition.
  • The Mormon Lens on American History: a growing cadre of young scholars of Mormonism are enjoying their own turn in the sun, and not just on the nation’s op-ed pages. Books relating to Mormon history are appearing in the catalogs of top academic presses, while secular universities are adding courses, graduate fellowships and endowed chairs.
  • 10 Real Reasons Pastors Quite Too Soon: Over 1,700 pastors leave the ministry every month. This staggering number includes some of the brightest, most inspiring pastors in the country. To prevent the continued flight of our pastors, we need to understand the cause of the problem.
  • 5 Questions to Ask of a Book: In general, a good book will not simply repeat what others have said before, but it will somehow advance the discussion, either by bringing truth to bear in a new way or by taking into account contemporary issues or emphases.

Other Info

 Just for Fun     

  • Here’s another great time-lapse video; this time from all around Europe.




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