Flotsam and jetsam (6/22)

Good Reads

  • Fathers, Stop Stealing from Your Children: There’s a crime wave going on in your neighborhood—possibly even in your own home. It’s a crime wave that won’t make it to the nightly news, but not because it isn’t serious, for it scars generations and teaches them to commit the same crime.
  • Religious Groups Vie for Internet Domain Names: Religious groups have long vied for prime parcels of land, planting churches on town squares and monasteries amid remote mountains. But now they’re targeting real estate in a less tangible sphere: cyberspace.
  • How Cereal Transformed American Culture: More than a century ago, Christian fundamentalists invented cereal to promote a healthy lifestyle free of sin. Little did they know, their creation would eventually be used to promote everything from radio and cartoons to Mr. T and tooth decay.
  • Grief and the Gospel: we often live as though our theology has nothing to say about what to do with this groaning (which we might call grief). This is strange given the breadth of human experience and emotion portrayed in the pages of scripture. Sackcloth and ashes and weeping and tearing one’s garments were among the many ways that humans historically expressed grief. Groaning took on many forms. In western culture, death seems to be the only valid reason for grieving, and pop psychologists have led the way in helping people navigate those difficult waters.

Other Info

 Just for Fun     

  • We have to get one of these: the world’s longest, and fastest, zipline.




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