A Prayer for Sunday (G. K. Chesterton)

Earlier this week marked the passing of the famous English writer, G. K. Chesterton (June 14, 1936). Chesterton wrote on just about everything, but is probably best known for his detective novels and apologetic works.  I wasn’t able to find any specific prayers from Chesterton to commemorate the occasion, but here are a couple of snippets from him that seemed appropriate anyway:

You say grace before meals.
All right.
But I say grace before the play and the opera,
And grace before the concert and pantomime,
And grace before I open a book,
And grace before sketching, painting,
Swimming, fencing, boxing, watching, playing, dancing;
And grace before I dip the pen in the ink.


Here dies another day
During which I have had eyes, ears, hands,
And the great world around me;
And with tomorrow begins another.
Why am I allowed two?





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