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  • When Is the Gospel at Stake? I’m bouncing off a post that claims too many Christians are Chicken Littles because they run around claiming and worrying and showing their faithfulness by saying the sky is falling down all the time. That is, they think the gospel is at stake in every conversation.
  • Decentralized Preaching: In no way do I want to limit the ministry of the best and brightest men we have available for gospel ministry today. Please don’t hear me saying that. But I do think that in most “normal” churches and church plants, it is wise to have more than one regular preacher and deliberately to raise up cadres of preachers and teachers that can rightly handle the Word in all situations where it should be proclaimed.
  • If Only Our Leaders Had Mariam’s Guts: Once again, in Sudan there are starving children, tens of thousands of refugees, rapes and racial epithets, a spiraling death toll and passivity in the White House.
  • It’s Not True: American Evangelicals Do Not, in Fact, Behave as Badly as Everyone Else: Evangelicals–and here’s the key point: according to any definition that John Wesley or Billy Graham would recognize–do not, in fact, behave as badly as the American population at large. They do not, in fact, have extramarital sex as often or abort babies as often….They do not experience the same levels of marital unhappiness and divorce. They do not give to charity or volunteer at the same low levels as the population at large. And so on, and so on.

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    These are excellent articles Marc. The comments that follow are very apropos as well. I especially found ‘Decentralized preaching’ very interesting. Thanks.

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    On Evangelicals behaving badly…yes, let’s get the statistics right, if that is possible. But let’s not pat ourselves on the back too quickly because we have 35 percent fewer cavities than our neighbor.

    In the evangelical church that I had attended faithfully for over a decade, one of the elders just married the wife of a Christian brother. There is no end to this stuff in evangelical churches.

    And the problem is not that we’ve accepted the world’s standards. The problem is that we have accepted the world’s re-definition of key biblical basics like love and forgiveness. Thus, as in the case above, those are the new terms that set the boundaries for ‘bad’ behavior.

    And we wonder why the world accepts homosexual marriages? Just this winter, a young lady in Europe asked me why evangelicals here are so concerned about homosexual marriages when they have so many divorces in their midst.

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