Flotsam and jetsam (6/6)

Transatlantic Steretypes

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  • Christendom Isn’t Dead: Given the dominance of Christianity in the United States, we ought to rethink using the language of “post-Christendom” to describe our time and place.
  • Let’s Get Our Theological Priorities Straight: And so all theologians must prioritize. Certain doctrines have greater significance than others for the whole of Christian theology. The deity of Christ is more consequential for the Christian faith than the timing of the millennium. The latter is still important, but it is not “of first importance,” to borrow the apostle’s phrase. But how do we get our doctrinal priorities straight? How do we know when to place special priority on a particular doctrine and when to avoid overstating the significance of another?
  • The Gospel of Stephen King: “People tend to think that Stephen King is anti-religious because he is a horror writer, but that’s completely mistaken….Several of his books are parables of grace in action.”

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