The One Minute Gospel: Helpful Tool or Tragic Mistake? (part 1)

My latest post on the Transformed blog looks at “The One Minute Gospel.” Should we try to summarize the gospel in one minute? Does that have any value, or does it simply distort the very message we’re trying to communicate? In this post, I offer a few thoughts on why I think this can still be a helpful thing to do. In the next part, I’ll unleash my more critical self.

Here’s how the post begins. If you’re interested, go check out the rest.

I’ve been sitting on a plane next to some guy for a couple of hours. And I’ve sent all my usual “Don’t talk to me” signals: book, headphones, minimal eye contact. The usual tools of the traveling introvert. But this time it hasn’t worked. This guy really likes to talk.

Just as the plane is about to land, the conversation turns toward spiritual things. Now I feel a bit guilty for having tried to duck the conversation the whole trip. But still, I recognize the opportunity. A gospel opportunity. I only have about one minute before the plane touches down and everyone starts pulling their stuff together. One minute.

Almost every evangelism training I’ve ever been through has emphasized the importance of being able to share the gospel in one minute or less. The assumption seems to be that this is something every mature Christian should be able to do. And, to be honest, I agree. But with some significant reservations. From the right perspective, the One Minute Gospel can be very helpful. But far too often the One Minute Gospel leads us into a number of critical errors.

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