Flotsam and jetsam (4/1)

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Good Reads

  • Timeless Wisdom for Seminary Graduates: Theological seminaries, no doubt, afford important facilities to humble and diligent students in making their preparations for the gospel ministry; but it is very possible for a person to enjoy all external advantages with very small improvement. More depends on the student’s character and disposition than on all other things.
  • When the Church Lost Its Voice: A friend of mine, a church-planting pastor, when he and his core group planted their church, told me one of their aims was that the community would come to respect them enough that whenever major community decisions were made they’d want to know what the church thought. Their aim, then, was to become a faithful witness that formed the core of the community’s conscience.
  • Do You Really Want to Live Forever?: Imagine you are offered a trustworthy opportunity for immortality in which your mind (perhaps also your body) will persist eternally….Would you take it? Metaphysician and former British diplomat Stephen Cave thinks accepting such an offer would be a bad idea.
  • Scholarship as a Way of Life: The scholarly life is its own reward: it is a good life–it is the sort of reflective pursuit that has been valorized by the ancients.  It is also the sort of life that is increasingly difficult to sustain in a sound-bite culture of perpetual distraction.  In the age of the Kardashians and iPhone Twitter feeds, finding joy in the slow-food of scholarly reflection is a counter-cultural pursuit.

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