Flotsam and jetsam (5/25)

Good Reads

  • The Battle among Catholic Bishops: There is a healthy struggle brewing among the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops. A previously silent group, upset over conservative colleagues defining the church’s public posture and eagerly picking fights with President Obama, has had enough.
  • ‘Twilight’ Stands in for Religion for Some Teens: “Twilight” and other supernatural tales may give some non-religious teens a place to grapple with the big questions of life, according to a Danish researcher.
  • An Open Letter to Young, “Post-Partisan” Evangelicals: It’s that time again — the time when the younger evangelical generation surveys our damaged nation, observes the terrible reputation of leading evangelical “culture warriors” in the pop culture and with their peers, and says, “You guys blew it.  It’s time for a new approach, for a post-partisan approach.  We’re not in anyone’s political pocket.
  • The Unteachables: A Generation That Cannot Learn: And that is perhaps the real tragedy of our education system: not only that so many students enter university lacking the basic skills and knowledge to succeed in their courses — terrible in itself — but also that they often arrive essentially unteachable, lacking the personal qualities necessary to respond to criticism.

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 Just for Fun     

  • How do they know how far away things in space actually are? Here’s how.




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