Flotsam and jetsam (5/14)

Good Read

  • A Critical Mind vs. a Critical Spirit:I wonder at what point our appreciation for insightful analysis turns into a celebration of critique that leads to an unhealthy elevation of the critic.
  • Should Cultural Expectations Shape Christian Views of Masculinity?: The point is that we have to live out our gender roles in the culture that we find ourselves in. The apostle Paul probably never wore trousers. But that doesn’t mean that he was less masculine for wearing something that would probably have looked more like a dress to us. His own culture informed the way he obeyed God, even though the creation norm remained an ever-fixed mark. He had an eye to his culture’s impressions about masculinity and femininity. I don’t think we can do any different.
  • Seven Key Ideas from C.S. Lewis: I have heard it said that many well-known thinkers have only two or three key ideas that they develop from various angles throughout their lives. It might be asked: What are C.S. Lewis’s key ideas? I have chosen seven to summarize in this essay.

Other Info

  • Give Millennials a Break: 5 reasons to be hopeful despite recent studies suggesting that millennials are pretty self-centered.

 Just for Fun     

  • I can’t decide if this is funny or just terribly, terribly disturbing. But either way it’s worth passing along.



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