Flotsam and jetsam (5/2)

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  • Is Megachurch the New Liberalism?: Once again, the megachurches are on the leading edge. We must pray that they will lead into faithfulness, and not into a new liberalism.
  • Do Denominations Still Matter?: Denominations are, at their core, structures that help support and enable a diversity of Christians. They are not Christianity; they merely make space for different varieties of faith to flourish. If we can understand denominational labels as descriptors rather than terms of value—who is right and who is wrong—perhaps we can see beyond the walls that separate us and begin to see the beautiful diversity there is among Christians. This may not be easy, but here are some reasons it’s worth trying.
  • The Gospel and Immigration: If you want to disrupt a beautifully harmonious dinner party, all you have to do is bring up the radioactive issue of immigration. There might not be a more heated political topic in contemporary American life.

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  1. Christian says

    New liberalism? Seriously? Shouldn’t the linguistic problems with that phrase be obvious? Not to mention that it’s a semantic way to call somebody or something a liberal without actually saying it. Which is pretty much what the whole article is doing. Calling Andy Stanley and Northpoint liberal without actually saying it. Somewhere (I wish I could remember where) Andy Stanley responded to this by asking/encouraging people to listen to the entire sermon series (I think the final part is this Sunday) before passing judgment. (On a personal level, I’m very glad that there is a church that sinners can attend and hear “I do not judge you, go and sin no more.”)

    • says

      Keep in mind that the main point of the article was just that mega church pastors have disproportionate influence and could be an influence for good or bad. So he’s not actually saying that they are liberals, just that the history of liberalism should be a warning to those in positions of influence.

      But I agree that he could have handled the part on Stanley more carefully.

      • Christian says

        I may be reading myself too much into this, but I often make a larger point by using a singular example to make my point when what I’m actually doing is trying to speak to that singular situation. I honestly believe that the point of the article is to address that singular situation while hiding behind the guise of “a larger point.” I realize that this is extremely pessimistic and may reveal more about me than Mohler (and I’d be glad to be wrong).

        • says

          I see your point. But I’m still inclined to see this as a particular situation that is connected to a larger concern. That may be because I’ve seen several other posts recently on the need for influential (i.e. “celebrity”) pastors to be very careful about how they exercise that influence. So I read this one in very much the same way.

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