Forced Choices: Evolution

I’m still a little traumatized by the fact that vampires did so well in our last Forced Choice: Best Monsters. Almost 31% of you actually voted for these wannabe dons of the dark. Shocking. Truly shocking. Fortunately, that still means they came in last place with fewer votes than either zombies (37%) or werewolves (32%). So I’ll have to rest content with the overall results, even as I continue to question the wisdom of a fair number of you.

For this week’s Forced Choice, I’d like to know where you land on the whole issue of evolution. In a recent blog post, What’s Wrong with Theistic Evolution, Kevin DeYoung listed eight arguments from Wayne Grudem on why evolution in any form is not compatible with the Bible. And that position remains very popular in America. According to 2006 Pew study, 42% of Americans and 65% of American evangelicals reject evolution outright, with only 21% of Americans holding to some form of theistic evolution (i.e. evolution guided by some supreme being).

So this week’s Forced Choice is pretty simple. Do you hold to some form of evolution or not? And, for the purposes of this survey, I will understand “evolution” to mean a process that includes one species gradually changing into a different species (i.e. not simply evolutionary change within a given species). So, although humans getting shorter/taller over time can be referred to as a kind of evolution, we have the more robust form of evolution in mind for this survey (e.g. humans evolving from “lower” primates).

I won’t nuance it any further than that. The rest is up to you. So what do you think?

[You might also be interested in John Walton and Tremper Longman on Genesis 1-2 (video).]



3 Responses to “Forced Choices: Evolution”

  1. Patrick June 10, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    I voted NO, but, it is based on what I perceive is a lack of evidence as opposed to theology. I’ve read Walton’s latest and I think the text lends itself to a form of evolution( at least intra species).

    I’m not educated well, however, that is still true and I agree with all the physical science I hear of I cannot prove, I believe higher math is accurate and I can’t do it, but, I can see the evidence of these.

    Evolution on the other hand says things change slowly over huge eras and species changes, yet I can’t see much fossil evidence or any living evidence and I’m supposed to take that on faith? Not me.


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