Flotsam and jetsam (2/22)

worst tip ever

Good Reads

  • Always Mardi Gras and Never Easter: A cross-shaped Christianity might leave behind those seeking a civil religious cover for their wild Bacchus worship or their rigid Stoic legalism. But it might prompt a world gorged on riotous living to seek the more permanent things instead.
  • Religion for Everyone: The decline of religion in the West has brought a decline in community spirit. Could the secular world draw useful lessons from religious life? Alain de Botton offers new ways to find shared meaning.
  • Love Your (Theological) Enemies: I find it hard enough to love the people I agree with. So how can I love someone on the other side, especially when the things that divide us are theological principles that really matter?
  • An Open Letter to Praise Bands: It seems to me that you are often simply co-opted into a practice without being encouraged to reflect on its rationale, its “reason why.” In other words, it seems to me that you are often recruited to “lead worship” without much opportunity to pause and reflect on the nature of “worship” and what it would mean to “lead.”

Other Info

  • Lent FAQ: From Mardi Gras to Holy Week, everything you need to know about the season of Lent.

 Just for Fun     

  • And here’s a great way to make sure that your slinky gets enough exercise.




  1. Nathan Nymeyer says

    Hey Marc,

    Thanks for posting the link to the “Open Letter to Praise Bands.” I thought his comments were apropos for many of the praise bands I have encountered and been a part of through the years.

    You should also check out this great post by Fernando Ortega. He is closer to the deep end of the pool in his thinking about corporate singing, but it is really good!


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