Flotsam and jetsam (2/6)

None Shall Pass!

Good Reads

  • What I Wish My Pastor Knew About…The Life of a Scientist: Like many of the most complex human endeavors — parenting, farming, becoming a Christian — the life of a scientist is not just an “occupation,” something that occupies us for a while and might then be followed by something entirely different. Being a scientist is as much about being as doing, as much about a particular way of being formed as a person as it is a set of activities or even skills.
  • 9 Academic Freedoms of Not Having Tenure: We all know the challenges of not being tenured or on the tenure track. Making a life of teaching or research outside of the tenure path is particularly difficult. But there are some great things about working in academia and being non-tenured.

Other Info

  • The New York Times has a nice summary of the recent case regarding a counseling student kicked out of grad school for her concerns about counseling a homosexual client.

 Just for Fun     

  • Check out this amazing video of an owl in flight.



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