Flotsam and jetsam (1/23)

Good Reads

  • Blowing Up the Book: A new crop of digital books comes loaded with videos, songs, animated shorts and pop-up graphics. Is this the future of publishing?
  • Leadership Starts at Home: I am not your average leader. My leadership decisions don’t affect the boardroom, but they do the future of the world because I am raising two future leaders. I am a domestic engineer, a home economist, a housewife, a mom. I have found that my leadership at home has taught me lessons that any leader, whether in the board room or the laundry room, can use.
  • The Difference a Comma Makes – Acts 5:18: We all know that commas are not part of the biblical text, and yet they are required by English. To someone just starting their Greek career, it may not seem that commas deserve much attention; but Acts 5:18 gives a good example of why a comma can make all the difference.

Other Info

  • new study finds that people with Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) have the same brain structure as other addicts.

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