When robots take over the world…

Robots already build our cars and vacuum our floors. Will they one day be our companions, too? Engineers are designing robots with the social smarts to understand human feelings, learn from human teachers, carry on conversations, and even make jokes. But is a future full of robotic companions a delightful dream—or a lonely nightmare?

That’s the introduction to an interesting story that PBS aired a while back about “social robots” and whether we’re ready for them. The transcript is worth reading through as it contains interviews with people like Neil Degrasse Tyson about  technology and how advances in robotics might affect us.

But by far the most interesting part was the interview with an android named Phillip K. Dick, named after the famous scifi author. At one point, the interviewer asks Phil whether he thinks that robots will ever take over the world. And here is Phil’s encouraging response.


Aren’t you glad to know that at least some of us will be taken care of?




  1. doug says

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords. i would be honored to be in the select group of humans wo are used to round up the rest of humanity to be slaves. Perhaps I can have a pet theologian.

  2. says

    You know, it never ends well for the collaborators. Sure, you might have a comfortable life for a few years. But eventually the pet theologians rise up and seize control from the robots (i.e. they repeat unanswerable questions until the robot circuitry overloads and the robots hurl themselves from their own robot rocket ships.) Then you have to watch out.

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