Flotsam and jetsam (8/19)

They preach, the heal the sick, and they swagger from the pulpit. But these aren’t your average preachers, they are children dubbed pint-sized preachers. The viral internet phenomenon is transitioning to TV in a new documentary.

The future of seminary education is an important topic. I admit, I am rooting for seminaries to continue being a valuable resource for the church, but I know there may need to be some changes.

  • Mike Bird, The Case for Dual Baptism (part 1 and part 2)

Is there another option in the credobaptism (believer’s baptism) vs. paedobaptism (infant baptism) debate? Well, an alternative position is for churches to permit both views of baptism, credo and paedo, to be practiced side by side.

  • iMonk, Indulgences – a somewhat long, but still interesting explanation of indulgences.

So we have a place – Purgatory – , a means – prayer for the dead – and a reason – the final payment of any debts we owe in this life, carried over to the next, because what we do in the body counts.  Put those together, and we come (by a circuitous route, if you’ve followed me this far) to the topic of indulgences.




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