Flotsam and jetsam (8/8)

Many Christians have grown up in the church on moralistic preaching; that is, preaching that calls for obedience without connecting the commands of God to the cross of Christ.

….he stunk as a pastor. In fact, he got along so badly with his congregation that they falsely accused him of embezzling church funds just so they could get rid of him.

However this turned out to be an ironic blessing, as most of God’s blessings are. Getting fired from his ministerial duties freed Gregory to write an enormous number of theological treatises that heavily influenced church doctrine.

No, the war of the pastorate is a deeply personal war. It is fought on the ground of the pastor’s heart. It is a war of values, allegiances, and motivations. It is about subtle desires and foundational dreams. This war is the greatest threat to every pastor. Yet it is a war that we often naively ignore or quickly forget in the busyness of local church ministry.

In the midst of endless backbiting and both sides’ extremists accusing those across the aisle of destroying our economy and leading our nation to ruin, do we really need religious language which links those we oppose to the personification of evil?




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