I write like Dan Brown?!?

Now I’m depressed. Lots of people have been using the “I Write Like…” web tool today. It purports to analyze a writing sample and tell you what famous author your writing style is most similar to. Jim West gets to be like Jonathan Swift. Stuart gets Bram Stoker. Joe Carter gets Stephen King. And I get Dan Brown? I almost gave up writing completely.

Fortunately, I ran the analysis again using a different sample (the first one was the Saturday Morning Syrup Monster), and this time it came up with Margaret Atwood. At least she can write.

Update: Now I’m just annoyed. Apparently Douglas Adams is one of the possible results. And I get Dan Brown? I need to go find a cat to pick on.




  1. says

    Apparently I don’t really like like anybody since it seems that I write like everybody! I did a few samples and I got Stephen King, Dan Brown, Raymond Candler, and Ray Bradbury.

  2. Marc Cortez says

    I kept going with a few more samples as well. I got Stephen King and Isaac Asimov once each and Dan Brown again. But, Margaret Atwood actually came up on several of them. So, I guess I’ll go with that.

  3. andy says

    I got Harry Harrison (science fiction writer), Chuck Palahniuk (local boy who wrote Fight Club), and Kurt Vonnegut for a few different blog entries. Hmm, two science fiction and one transgressional fiction writer off my blog about my experiences as an expectant father – that’s a little scary. On the up side, I got James Joyce for academic writing (okay, really just the intro to the Greek Fathers paper). I think I will stick with that one and pretend this is an incredibly accurate summation of my writing style.

    • Marc Cortez says

      What’s this one? I thought you were doing Living Dead Christians (or something like that). Is this a new project?

      • says

        I guess I need the sarcasm font, also. “Finnegans Wake” is one of Joyce’s books. I’m still working on Night of the Living Dead Christians. And I’m sure if Joyce thought it was being compared to Finnegans Wake that he would crawl out of his grave and stomp on my computer.

  4. Marc Cortez says

    I’m okay with Margaret Atwood, but James Joyce would be cool too. Anything’s better than Dan Brown.

    Although Billy’s right, he did sell a lot of books. Maybe I’ll write an international best seller of high literary quality. (Where’s that sarcasm font when I need it?)

  5. says

    I think the result is randomly selected. Clicking on the author name cleverly links the user to the original blogger’s Amazon Associate account and marks the user’s browsing there for the next 24 hours. Clever, and it may violate Amazon policy. I got a humorous result though, so I’m not complaining.

  6. Marc Cortez says

    Nathan, if you’re right, that’s brilliant. It’s been fun, so I hope it works.

    And, don’t leave us hanging. Who’d you get?

  7. Marc Cortez says

    Never mind, I clicked through and checked it out. You and Andy can hang out together. Or, wait. Mabye you’re actually the same person.

  8. says

    Not the same person, nope.

    The only other author I can think of that would have trumped this one is Hunter S. Thompson. I know that my writing is no where near his though. 😉

  9. Marc Cortez says

    Hmmm, I just entered a couple of samples from different writings, and it came back with the same person for all of them – David Foster Wallace. But, one of those was the same piece that I submitted earlier, and that time it told me I was Margaret Atwood. So either David Foster Wallace and Margaret Atwood are actually the same person, or (shockingly) this is not a reliable assessment of one’s writing affinities.

    I wonder if the fact that I’m on a different computer now makes a difference. Maybe it loads a cookie and remembers you for later visits so the results are consistent?

    Regardless, now that it’s stopped telling me that I’m Dan Brown, I feel much better. Maybe I should let the cat out of the cupboard now.


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